Run away with me.

Japan is by far the illest country I have ever played in. The team at Liquid Snow Tours will hook you up with with a bed to suit any budget plus tours of the Mountain Range. A lot of footage that you see in Jeremy Jones’ Further, Deeper, Higher trilogy, Teton Gravity research films, the Travis Rice um quadrilogy? Seen here -> The Fourth Phase – Red Bull Media Trailer; is shot here. It’s nuts. The town is quiet, respectful and authentic, swear the Mountains are alive. I’m just going to post the photos because I could talk for 72 hours about Japan. But yeah, shred all day, DJ all night. Watashi cho baka daka la.


Wanna go shoot some 3’s? Powder Suites, Hakuba Goryu 47, a monster favourite.


Princess Mononoke – the DJ Eddy Special


Couldn’t get much higher


One time Char did a good birthday present. ONE TIME CHAR. Love you.


When you’re in bed eating chocolate but your friends want to party in Tokyo. East Village band play a kind of Rufus folky sound, 3 classical instruments each. Thats 9 instruments and 3 brothers.


Tokyo is so big.


Like massive


So I went to Gonpachi, where kill bill was filmed. Cause that was my favourite movie growing up.


Ordered everything on the menu. Nearly cried like an excited Japanese schoolgirl. Held it together.


Climbed the highest mountain I could find, played in the mess of frozen water at the top. Rolly polly motherfucker.


Made you a present. 


Is that a Jones board?


Stumbled on this scene while I was singing songs and hunting all day for a post office.


This is the Shinkansen speed train that gets you halfway to the mountain range. I built another cubby. They have wifi on the trains, phone chargers and you could set your watch to the arrival time. Its dead silent too. And they have snacks!


In Tokyo there is an entire district dedicated to music, theres a book district too, and a sports district. Somewhere there is a Katana district but they hid it too well for me. I needed a keyboard so I legged it 6 hrs, Barron and I were so hung we passed out on a bus and I politely spewed in the ladies room. 3 times. Don’t tell him. I found my Korgie with only a photo of a map and a rough estimation of which street I may be looking for. No phone reception and no wifi. Didn’t speak Japanese yet either. Nailed it.


The worst season Hakuba had in the last 10 years, plus an El Nino year meant we all lost our mind over a scene like this. My house is 10 steps to the right. The owners daughters named our building Pyongyang (North Korea) due to the lack of heating. Props to kerosene heaters tho. Toast.


Sweet bruise


This broccoli cauliflower hybrid is called a natural mathematical fractal. So we put it in cheese.


The subway is colour coded and most of the train guys speak some english. Its really funny trying to tell them where you want to go. I could leave my purse in the Japanese underground and the furtherest it would go is lost property with all the money in it.


Me mates. Jacks Bar Residents. Trouble with a capital T.


Could not thank Jetpilot enough for clothing me this past however long. Plus the extra instruments they got for my music. Sponsors are probably the greatest thing a solo ratbag could ever receive.


BB gun Sundays at Hakuba Heat. The home team are some JP lads that enjoy dressing in full camo army gear and destroying anyone game enough to compete. It was real life COD. We got bruised, shot in the face, screamed, ran, turned around and unleashed hell.


I gate crashed Barron’s hotel. We snuck me in and somehow wound up on the top floor of the Ritz Carlton Tokyo. It took everything I had not to boost every amenity, I definitely ate all the specially poured, sphere shaped chocolates while he was in the bathroom. Top and tailed like little kids. Woke up literally on the top of the world in my favourite pyjamas next to my retard mate. Beyonce eat your heart out.


Lime Spider. Nuff Said


Myoko with my oldest idiot Adam and his darling fiancee Kaz who updated me on the world’s politics. Got stuck in the pow. Cried a river and made a lot of noise down the last run battling a cramp the size of my whole leg. There’s only one way down. 5 empty runs over 8 hours. Worked.


Fuck it. Buy yourself a massive ring thats the colour of your birthstone. Cause its shiny. Happy Valentines day to me.


Drinking Saki with the Mafia. ‘Convicts NYC’. Look it up.


Chicago Vintage, Harajuku/Shinjuku province Japan.


Some days I blew wads on fondue chocolate and Hattori Hanzo cocktails. Other days I didnt.


Nachos, mulled wine, aching body and decks. GO.


I’m fascinated by what we put in our bodies. This was so far out of my comfort zone.


Everywhere pants


Step one. Don’t be a little bitch.


I drew on my dinner.




Jetpilot and Monster Energy. Go big.

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