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Could just about run nude down an outward bound city train and still nobody would look up from their tablets and smart phones, quite the opposite when I arrive at my destination where I stand out like a sore thumb in my stupid floral dress STOP STARING!.. humans are strange.. self included! What a difference geography makes to socioeconomic status.. does that even make sense? Im tired! Tunes.

Ivory Bar Hosts BagsvDK and Robyn Gold

Its taken a little while for me to put pen to paper, or hands to keyboard on this one, but this morning while studying I realised I was using my super handy BAGSvDK promotional pencil and subsequently allowed it to distract me. It’s also a little difficult to get my head around the sensory overload of a weekend, who’d have thought Hobart was so interesting! Live music, oysters, wine, art, boats and hoes. Where do I begin?!




Ivory Bar describes itself as “sophisticated, elegant and heaps of FUN.” I must say I agree! I was lucky enough to warm the decks for the BAGSvDK live DJ/drum duo for the early part of the evening, albeit slightly quieter then, the venue was red hot by 2am and raring for the show. As if the music wasn’t enough, the club itself was intriguing, the walls decorated with hand written quotes and some seriously confronting photography in bold frames, the furniture was laid out in such a way that there were many comfortable, intimate spaces yet the dance floor seemed to expand throughout the night! The Ivory Bar is known in Hobart as “an underground nightclub with music to suit the vibe – House, Tech, Tropical & Afro-Beat”, the staff were more than accommodating and the patrons just as friendly! The Ivory has hosted a number of incredible artists over the years and BAGSv DK absolutely rocked it! 

We arrived in the afternoon for soundcheck, not something I’m used to and I ran around excitedly taking photos of photos! Some of which were too graphic for even me, but here is an idea of what the venue looked like! Image

After a quick disco nap and a short wander through Salamanca markets (ask the locals), we began our Ivory adventure and within what felt like 5 minutes, my 2 hour set was up and it was time for the boys to smash it out. I stared in awe, even though I’d seen the show at soundcheck, there was something about the lighting and atmosphere that had my attention fixed for the entire set. I managed to catch a video the opening track, which was an all time favourite, Ghosts n Stuff by Deadmau5. Excuse my camera skills, I couldn’t refrain from bouncing!





The easiest way to describe what I experienced is to explain who I was listening to, straight from the boys’ bandpage. They were inspirational both on and off stage!



Teaming up with BAGS is Dan ‘DK’ Kerby (http://vimeo.com/32945847)

DK has been touring the country for the last 3 years with Hard Rock Heavyweights Behind Crimson Eyes. With 2 LP’s released through Roadrunner Records, playing shows with the likes of Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold, touring spots on festivals such as The Big Day Out, Homebake and Pyramid Rock, fans of BCE are getting excited about rumours of a new release in 2012.

DK also joined punk rock legends 28 Days in 2011. The Platinum selling band has toured the world countless times selling hundreds of thousands of records whilst playing festivals such as The Big Day Out, Warped Tour (Aus and USA), Leeds festival (UK), and Fuji Rock (Japan) whilst selling out their own headline shows for over a decade. DK has been working hard with the 28 crew on the bands new album set for release mid 2012.

DJ BAGS has rocked crowds across continents spaning Europe to Australia.

BAGS boasts former residencies in the UK (2007/08) but has since returned to his home town of Melbourne to resume local residencies and guest spots.

BAGS has electrified venues across Australia for the past 8 years as a solo act, however with roots in instrumental music, his most recent projects have seen him teamed up with artists such as MC Matthew, DJ Wasabi and Dan Kerby (Behind Crimson Eyes & 28 Days) to create a mashed up lyrical journey from hip-house to electro (and then some!). Check out one of his latest live colab’s at http://www.facebook.com/PolarNation.

A young veteran of the St Kilda nightlife, he can be regularly heard at Melbourne hot spots such as Big Mouth or Metropol and continues to entertain crowds at events such as the F1GP, MOS, Bells Rip Curl Pro and Billabong City Squared Skate invitational.

With all this said, it’s guaranteed that the duo will get bums off seats and onto the dance floor! Teaming up, BAGSvDK will ensure that the party goes on ’till the wee hours.

Dance, party and watch the boys shred on stage…tomorrow will hurt…so enjoy!


– just for the record, sunday didn’t hurt at all thanks to the MONA, the winery, the oysters and the first class upgrade provided for me by my wonderful tour guides Jase, Dan and Mr Everett.